Stop Bashing the Rich! Learn From Them AND Do Something

There exists a pervasive attitude in our society today that someone

other than the individual is responsible for his/her financial security.

Employers are not in the business of making employees rich.

No job is going to make anyone rich!

That is not what a job offers.

And certainly, if the person spends every cent they make and max out all

their credit cards they will never be rich.

Reams of information on how the rich become rich have been provided in

books and articles both free and paid.

Income from your job should be seen as the seed to assist you in your quest

to acquire for financial wealth.

Don’t spend every dime trying to live the way the rich do.

Even billionaire Donald Trump, says”Shampoo is shampoo”

Don’t have more children than you can comfortably take care.

Don’t wear designer clothes if you cannot afford to.

Don’t eat out at expensive restaurant on your credit cards

Do whatever it takes to save even $100 each month and invest or start a small

home-based or online business.

Become a part-time salesperson or distributor for some of those products or services

that you enjoy spending your money on.

Everyday, it is getting more affordable to start your own home-based business.

Lose the attitude of entitlement and start taking part in the free enterprise system!

How many stories do we have to hear about someone coming to this still thriving and

relative safe part of the world with 50 or 100 dollars in their pocket and still managing

to make a fortune?

Is is hard? You bet it is! Did they do it by going out and getting job?

Maybe, but only as a start to fulfilling their eventual goal of becoming rich.

Could you do the same? Why not at least try instead of just complaining?

Don’t envy the rich, learn what they do and copy them.