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Why Do I Need A Business Blog?

Ever wondered why hundreds are joining the multitudes of bloggers everyday? Have you noticed the increase in the number of business blogs?

What started out as a personal blog revolution has quickly expanded into a tool for business use. Are you weighing the benefits of adding a business blog yourself? We believe it can help your business in a variety of ways. Just a few are listed below:

1. Content

People love content! No one wants to be bombarded with direct advertising about your products or services. But give them relevant information related to that and they will read it.

Tip: You can give information on the usage of your product, important information related to your service, information on complementary products/services, etc.

Selling Leather Handbags: Give tips on how to get the best usage out of your leather bag and how to maintain the leather, how to get rid of spots, etc

2. Increased Traffic

If you are giving useful information, people will return for updates. They may even recommend your blog to friends and family. In other words, with the right content you can increase your website traffic.

Tip: Add an ‘email article to friend’ option with each post.

3. RSS Feeds

You can give your readers the option of subscribing to your RSS feeds. This way they won’t just come to your site and forget it. Once they subscribe, they will receive updates every time you add a post. What better way of staying in your potential customer’s mind!

Tip: Always link to an article related to RSS Feeds where you offer this option. A lot of visitors may not know what RSS Feeds are and will appreciate the information. Not to mention the fact they may subscribe to yours.

4. Build a List

Target customers who do not know much about RSS feeds and are not willing to adopt a new technology. Offer a newsletter. Your blog content can convince them of the usefulness of your newsletter content. This will help you build a mailing list.

Tip: Offer Specials Discounts on your product/service as well as some content that is specific to your newsletter.

5. Build Credibility

A Blog reaffirming your core strengths will build credibility amongst your readers and potential clients. They will gain more confidence in you and your product if they see that you are knowledgeable about what you are selling.

Tip: Write about what you sell but don’t try to sell your service. Show your knowledge of the product.

6. Encourage Interaction

Blogs are interactive and your visitors can leave comments on your posts. You are able to communicate with your potential customers, hear their opinions and hold a discussion with them.

Tip: Don’t just let visitors comment! Answer, discuss and interact with them. Let them rate the articles, print them, email to friends, etc.

7. Easy to Update

Blog posts are easy to update and you don’t have to deal with coding a static page. In other words that gives you more time to market your business and communicate with your customers.

Tip: Invest in a good design and initial setup of the Blog and you will not have to worry about a thing later on.

8. Search Engines

Search engines love Blogs!! You will see increased traffic and better search engine rankings once you have a BLOG.