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17.5 Questions To Ask Before Getting Started In A Homebased Business

As you begin the process of considering a home-based business you’re going to see a lot of opportunities that make you scratch your head, wondering if it’s all hype and do people really buy this stuff? I’ve put together this simple report to help you make sense of the many opportunities you have to consider.

1) Would I buy the product? When you consider the many products and services available to you, it’s important to ignore the opportunity side of things first and consider the product itself. would you buy this product? If you bought the product would you use the product? Is the product worth the retail price?

2) What excites you more, the product or the opportunity? If you don’t answer both it could be a sign for you to look elsewhere.

3) Are the products of personal interest to you? Most people do not do well with products that they can’t relate to.

4) Is the business one of those “We do all the work, you get paid” type of businesses? I know you’ve heard the old saying, “if it’s too good to be true…” the fact is, wouldn’t we all just sit at home and collect a check if it were really that simple?

5) What type of training and support is offered? Working directly with someone who is successful in the business you choose greatly enhances your success rate. Does the company do live events? Are there multiple opportunities for you to learn more about running the business?

6) Can you see yourself earning an income with the company? You’ve got a goal you want to achieve, no matter what it is money is a part of it and if you can’t see yourself earning an income with the company, move on.

7) Are there multiple ways to retail the products? the best products and services have several retailing segments that you can choose to market to.

8) Do you have time to set aside for the business? Every business is different, so it’s important that you confirm the time requirements needed to be successful with the business before you move forward.

9) Can you reach your income goal in the time frame you seek? Long term opportunities have more potential, but will require more time before turning a profit.

10) Is there a proven track record associated with the product/ service, business opportunity, and marketing methods? People buy franchises because of the proven track record. There’s a reason that a Monster burger tastes the same in Orlando as it does in Hong Kong.

11) What support tools are available to you? The costs associated with creating support tools can be very expensive, you don’t want to spend a lot of money getting ready to do business.

12) Can you do what they do? As you make calls and review websites, can you see yourself doing what they do?

13) Does it seem to be a bunch of hype? We all have a B.S. meter and we’ve all looked at an ad and said…B.S. Do their claims seem too good to be true?

14) How much do you get paid? This is one of the most important questions you can ask. How much profit do you make on each product? Is it enough? The higher the profit, the easier it will be for you to earn the money you require for your goals.

15) Is there technical support? This is an important question because there are a lot of ways to run the computer and if your a non-technical person like I am, you want ot know that there will be someone who’ll be available to help you for those technical questions.

16) Would you share the product with your friends? Before you poo-poo this question, read it again. I didn’t say “Bug your friends to buy your product”, I said “Share the product”. If you wouldn’t share the product with your friends, that could be a big sign.

17) Are there monthly product purchase requirements? You want to make sure that you’re not buying more product than you and your family can use each month.

17.5) Who controls how I run and market my business. This is the most critical question you should be asking. There’s a company out there who will not allow you to even use their company name in your marketing, you can’t even put their name on your business card. You’re not investing in a job, it’s your business and you want to be in a position to take total control of your business.

How to Find a Profitable Australian Business Opportunity

All large business enterprises must have started with a simple business opportunity. Starting a business in Australia is almost the same as starting a business anywhere else – you’ve got to comply with government rules and invest time, effort, and money. Business opportunities are quite abundant in the continent – you can even choose to buy an established business, start a business from scratch, or even enlist in a business endeavor sponsored by a big company.

Business opportunities can be divided in categories. In Australia, the most popular businesses are under the food category. Cafes and restaurants are plenty and they are present in almost all cities of Australia. The Food retail business is also thriving, and its the bakers and confectioners that are heading the pack. So if your expertise lies within this category, then with a good business plan, location etc, you will be sure to succeed! However, you have to understand that because the food industry is currently thriving, other people are jumping on the same opportunity like you are – and that means you should prepare for the loads of competitors you will go up against.

Another good area to pursue an Australian business opportunity is retail. The retail business is very broad, indeed. In Australia, the most popular one is under home and garden. Australians certainly love their abode and would take on great heights to make them perfect to their eyes. So, business opportunities related to selling home items like carpets, furniture, and home accessories is promising.

Then again, the franchise industry must be one of the biggest business opportunity providers in all of Australia. In fact, all franchises operating in Australia combined turn over more than AU $80 billion in a year. And they are still growing very rapidly in number. The more important thing here is the fact that it gives anybody the opportunity to be part of a big company and share in their success. Although purchasing a franchise could require a substantial amount of money to start with, it might still be the safest way to earn through a business.

If you are low on funds, and yet you want to start a simple business with the little that you have, then you can venture into some home and small business opportunities being offered. These are the businesses that you can do from the comforts of your home. You can also choose to build a home office for the type of business that requires the receiving of clients.

Here is a list of home business opportunities you can possibly start from your own home:

1. Online auction stores. With a number people doing their shopping online, you could earn a living through Oztion and eBay Australia. Both these online stores accept old and new items up for sale. You can start selling retail online. Then you can shift to wholesale once your market is established. Opening up an online auction business requires very little start up costs. You can even begin your business selling old stuff you don’t use anymore. That way, you’ll be able to amass funds, which in turn, you can use for reselling or retailing products that you have bought at wholesale prices.

2. Affiliate Marketing. Still a business conducted online, this one is started by creating a website to contain marketing advertisement from affiliate websites. You earn with every sale that was referred by your site. Although this sounds easy, maintaining a website may not be for novices. If you want to embark on this type of opportunity, make sure you know how to create content-rich articles so that visitors will have something to look at in your site other than direct marketing links.

3. Service Center. If you are a health practitioner, engineer, or even a jack-of-all-trades, you can setup a service-related business from your home. Licensed health practitioners can open up a diagnostic and health check-up center. Engineers could start building consultation service. Plumbers, electricians, and carpenters could set up something like an on-call service provider.

There are a lot of other businesses you can embark on, and these are mere examples. For more ideas and business opportunities, you can regularly check out with the Franchise Council of Australia, Australian Trade Commission, and Indigenous Business Australia. These are government institutions and you can gain a lot from them.

Stop Bashing the Rich! Learn From Them AND Do Something

There exists a pervasive attitude in our society today that someone

other than the individual is responsible for his/her financial security.

Employers are not in the business of making employees rich.

No job is going to make anyone rich!

That is not what a job offers.

And certainly, if the person spends every cent they make and max out all

their credit cards they will never be rich.

Reams of information on how the rich become rich have been provided in

books and articles both free and paid.

Income from your job should be seen as the seed to assist you in your quest

to acquire for financial wealth.

Don’t spend every dime trying to live the way the rich do.

Even billionaire Donald Trump, says”Shampoo is shampoo”

Don’t have more children than you can comfortably take care.

Don’t wear designer clothes if you cannot afford to.

Don’t eat out at expensive restaurant on your credit cards

Do whatever it takes to save even $100 each month and invest or start a small

home-based or online business.

Become a part-time salesperson or distributor for some of those products or services

that you enjoy spending your money on.

Everyday, it is getting more affordable to start your own home-based business.

Lose the attitude of entitlement and start taking part in the free enterprise system!

How many stories do we have to hear about someone coming to this still thriving and

relative safe part of the world with 50 or 100 dollars in their pocket and still managing

to make a fortune?

Is is hard? You bet it is! Did they do it by going out and getting job?

Maybe, but only as a start to fulfilling their eventual goal of becoming rich.

Could you do the same? Why not at least try instead of just complaining?

Don’t envy the rich, learn what they do and copy them.