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Are Flat Security Mirrors a Worthwhile Investment?

Protecting your business and providing for your employees’ safety are two of the most important aspects of managing a business. If you cannot secure your location, from theft or accidents, then you will most likely lose it within a few years. However, with the economy the way it is you may not have the money to give your workplace a complete overhaul. Mirrors are a great way to promote safety and security without having to spend large quantities of money. There are several types of mirrors that can be used for safety purposes, from convex and dome to flat security mirrors, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses. Below you will find a cursory breakdown of the different types and what they can be used for:

Convex – One of the most widely used designs, for both security and safety, these mirrors allow a person to see multiple angles without having to move from a single position. They can be made of acrylic or glass, the former being more durable but less clear than the latter, and are relatively inexpensive to install and maintain. Using these in a warehouse, factory, or store can make it much easier for your employees to see and understand what is happening around them.

Dome – Slightly less versatile than convex, the design of dome mirrors makes them ideal for alerting people to the dangers of others approaching an intersection. Whether you use this to protect your workers from forklifts or to increase visibility in a parking structure, these mirrors make an excellent addition to any environment where sight is limited by the layout of the structure. Most dome mirrors are made out of acrylic, which means that the image is not clear enough to provide you with accurate details.

Inspection – Inspection mirrors are a key safety feature for most businesses. They can help you examine the inside of broken machines or check work done in hard to reach places: welding inspection mirrors can protect your company from lawsuits by allowing you to double check all work before it is considered ready to ship.

Flat – All of these mirrors are useful, but the question remains whether or not flat security mirrors are worth the investment. The truth is that flat mirrors are the most situation dependent of all the different types. You can’t use a flat mirror to make visibility around corners easier, or protect people by allowing them to see into broken machines; however, if the situation calls for a flat mirror then there will be no better option. One way mirrors, for example, are ideal for security, because they allow a person on one side to watch everything on the other without anyone being aware that they are doing it. Thus, installing one of these between an office and the production floor can serve two purposes: enhancing employees’ awareness of their environment and providing you with a way to check up on them without encroaching on their territory.

Keeping this in mind you will be able to decide whether a flat mirror is what your company needs, or if you should invest in another type.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition – Brand Your DVD Business

Hello Friend,

The term “branding” is very popular in the business marketing world. Branding refers to creating an image for a company or product. For example, when you think of Snuggle(TM) fabric softener, what do you think of? Probably a soft cuddly bear, soft sheets, towels and blankets that smell good and clothes that feel great to wear. That’s exactly what the company that makes Snuggle(TM) wants you to think of and they’ve spent millions to ensure you do just that. Welcome to the world of branding.

Companies spend thousands of dollars on branding efforts each and every year. In fact, many marketing professionals believe that branding is critical to the long-term success of a business. If you want your business to thrive and grow, you’re going to want to look into branding. The good news is, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to do it. There are cost effective ways to brand your DVD business and you’ll achieve the same results others pay thousands for. The best part? You’ll be one of the very few eBay sellers focusing time and effort on the benefits of branding.

One of the most effective branding tools is a logo. If you do absolutely nothing else in your branding efforts, at least have a logo created that your customers can recognize you by. How much you spend on logo creation will depend on how complicated and intricate you want your logo to be and who you hire to create your logo for you. You can get a basic logo for less than a hundred bucks or you can have a logo done by an expert artist for a few hundred. Remember, regardless of how much you spend, an outstanding and memorable logo is well worth the investment.

Once your logo is created, put it on everything. Put it in your auction template, but it on your mailing labels, put it on a t-shirt, etc. The more your logo circulates, the more brand recognition you’re creating for your business. You can even have little business card magnets made up with your logo and website address on them and can send them out with your DVD orders. There are thousands of things you can do with a logo.

In addition to your logo, you’re going to want a tagline for your business. For example, right now McDonald’s has a tagline of “I’m loving it” and people all over the world can’t get that little tune out of their head when they have the urge for a fast-food lunch or dinner. That’s what I call an effective tagline. Develop a tagline that reflects what your business is about and what you are committed to. For instance, “Affordable DVDs and Awesome Service” is a basic and simple tagline, yet it gets across the image of your business.

If image is everything, branding is the money that buys you whatever you want. Without branding, you cannot effectively create an image for your business and without a business image, there’s nothing to set you apart from your competitors.

If you have any questions, please contact me using the email address below.

Entrepreneurs – Want To Start A Business With The Best Possible Chance Of Success?

You are ready to open your business so how do you make sure that it is successful? There are a few things that you need to make sure you do – here they are.

* Choose a business that you are not only interested in but also reflects your strengths and interests. You want to have fun with your work obviously. If you look forward to starting work each day it reflects in your dealing with customers and staff.

* Research your market and make sure that there really is a need for the product you want to sell.

* Have a rock solid business plan that you refer to and continually update. Business plans are for every business – not just if you want a loan. They are the foundation of your business.

* Have realistic and detailed plans for your first year of business and good plans for the next two years.

* Ensure that you have a good financial safety net for when things do not go well, when they are going well and you need more investment.

* Pay all you taxes that are due and make sure that you are fully licensed. Nothing will shut you down sooner than a court case or a legal problem.

* Be realistic about what you can achieve and work hard to achieve it. This keeps you motivated for all the hard work ahead.

* Be honest and truthful in your dealings with your customers. This will build loyalty with them and encourage repeat sales.

Lastly work hard, dream fruitfully and have good luck.